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When we first began our journey to create a unique Marketing Tool for the Real Estate Professional, we never envisioned the flexibility and multiple uses of the program. From the beginning, it was our intention to make life easier for the busy REALTOR® by offering a follow-up program that was automatic, timely, informative, and most importantly, cost effective. We have achieved all that we had imagined. Looking to boost your business, or turbo charge your new career, check out the benefits of the TextForSuccess program below.

New to Real Estate? Or looking to Jump Start your Current Business?

For new agents, starting your real estate career can be daunting. There’s plenty of products and services to help you get started. Many are good, but one thing they have in common is......cost. The new agent will often start with a small budget, and it can be confusing on what “stuff” will work. NAR statistics show that over 70% of home sellers will hire an agent they know, or that was recommended by someone they know. Basically, real estate agents are in the “knowing business”. TextForSuccess connects you with people you know, giving them real-time, accurate and important market information. All for pennies a day, imagine that.

Existing agents looking to “jump start” their career, there’s no better, cost effective marketing tool to keep you in front of your current database. We often suggest calling your “spheres” prior to setting them up with TextForSuccess. You “own” the contacts in your database. Our system will prove to those you know that you embrace the latest in technology and are a step above the rest. Real estate trainers and coaches stress the importance of building a database AND keeping in touch with them at least once a month. With TextForSuccess, you set it and forget it, and all at fraction of the cost of other prospecting tools. Imagine that.

What have you done for me lately?

The #1 complaint of homeowners who have listed their home, is the lack of communication with their Listing Agent. Sure, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with your client and we suggest you continue with what works for you. Why not add the TextForSuccess feature to your follow-up campaign.

Setting clients up in the system will give them Real Time, accurate, market data relative to their home. Weekly or bi-monthly “updates” personally sent from you will give your client a clear picture of what is really going on in the market. The system will help you with Price Adjustments by alerting your client of new inventory and updates on homes that are selling. Real-Time data sent automatically and reinforcing the belief that your client hired the right Agent. Set it and Forget it. Imagine that.

Chasing FSBO and Expireds

Prospecting has always been “the name of the game” in Real Estate. Working FSBO and Expired listings are important “tasks” and often feared and neglected by so many Agents. For too many years, there have been many “new and improved” prospecting “mouse traps” that ultimately come between an Agent and their hard- earned commissions. Many of these products and services cost more than they produce, and ultimately an Agent will get frustrated while going broke.

TextForSuccess is designed to stay in touch with ongoing contact with FSBO and Expired listings. Sure, it’s more involved than just setting them up in your database; but imagine the ability to send useful, accurate, and timely data to a Prospect; all sent automatically whether you’re in town or across the globe. Provide a homeowner useful and important information, with no obligation, and you’ll be regarded as the local professional. Imagine that.

Strengthen your real estate business with a company that solves your problems and fuels your growth….all for pennies a day.

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