Let’s get started

Visit https://www.TextForSuccess.com
Click on the link: Register as a new member Enter your information to set up your account (Email and Password)
Submit the form and check your email for a link: activate@text4success.com Click on the link and log into your account using the email and password you originally submitted
Add Payment information now required Upon completion Your account is active will appear in top right corner
Select View payment history to confirm payment method has been saved
Adding Clients – Main Menu

Select Client Management and select Add new Name and Phone number are required; Email is optional
Frequency options are Weekly or Monthly. Weekly texts offer from 1 to 7 days per week (Mon-Sun) and 1 to 12 days of prior data can be selected.
Monthly texts allow either the 1st of Every Month or the 1 st and 15 th of Each Month and 15 to 30 days of prior data can be selected.
NOTE: Information sent to Clients will not be re-sent to avoid confusion and overlapping.
Notes can be added for each client.
Select number of Days prior to the text notification day you want sent to client. (note: system does not re-send prior listing data).
Submit to save Client and Frequency of Texts. This will return you back to Client Management
Find the client you just saved and select the Address Icon in the far-right column to add the address of your Client. Add the Client address (you can enter more than one address) and select the Distance from the client address.
There are several other categories you may select. Once completed Submit You can add another address for your Client or return to the Main Menu along the left hand column.
NOTE: You have the option to apply different search criteria. Specific parameters are Waterfront, Street Name, Price, Development, School District Name/School District Number.